Dear Radio Friends,

We  encourage you to visit the Bright Spot Hour web-site again. As you visit this site, I can keep you abreast of my preaching and travels for Christ. 

My wife has been very ill and in the Hopspital since Saturday evening. Apparently, she has had pneumonia for a couple of months and simply did not tell any of us. (She is German on both sides of her family and simply does not express her feelings.) She passed out Saturday afternoon while my daughter and grandson were with her. My daughter called 911. When she came to, she was in the ambulance and at that point, there was no returen or protest. They took her to the critical care unit of the emergency room and started antibiotics. On Monday, the Doctor informed her that she could have died Saturday. As of Wednedsay (today), she remains in the hospital. I have driven to and from Bristol, Virginia each evening to preach and have spent the night in the hospital with Judy. I have not slept in my bed at home since last Friday night. As a result, I am behind on everything, including updating this site. Your prayers are appreciated as I continue pressing forward and for Judy to to have a full recovery. 

The work on the Gospel of John commentary continues to progress rapidly as I have been working every day on the manuscript. The main body of the manuscript is completed and I am adding sermon outlines from my late grandfather's Bibles from the 1940's and 1950's to the book. The current series I am preaching on the radio, dealing with the grace of God is over 250 pages in manuscript form and I have worked on it at every available opportunity.                  

Your prayers and faithful support enable us to continue to pay the heavy radio bills and keep the Bright Spot Hour on the air.

Please pass the link to the site along to all your e-mail contacts and we can increase our listeners greatly, reaching as many people as we can with the gospel of Christ.

Respectfully yours,

Dr. Ben Carper



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