Dear Radio Friends,

We  encourage you to visit the Bright Spot Hour web-site again. As you visit this site, I can keep you abreast of my preaching and travels for Christ. 

I will be preaching this week in Cleveland, Virginia for my good friend and congregation at Copper Ridge Baptist Church. Dr. Duane Musick has  not been well in recent months and I will spend a few days with them this week. The meeting will run from Sunday night through Wednesday night and then I will return the following Sunday to preach again for them on November 29th. Your prayers are appreciated and needed in these days.  

I continue making daily progress on the Gospel of John Commentary. I am "all in" on this work right now and have placed all my other manuscripts on the "back-shelf." I have been pushing forward in earnest with the John Commentary to get the manuscript ready for the published.

Your prayers and faithful support enable us to continue to pay the heavy radio bills and keep the Bright Spot Hour on the air. Iwould like t expand the radio outlet as much as possible, but I cannot go beyond our ability to meet the financial demands of the radio.

Please pass the link to the site along to all your e-mail contacts and we can increase our listeners greatly, reaching as many people as we can with the gospel of Christ.

Respectfully yours,

Dr. Ben Carper



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Thanksgiving Revival

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